Q. Can I rent a rifle from Numzaan Safaris?

A. Yes, you can!


Q. What medical precautions should I take? Is there malaria in South Africa?

A. South Africa is almost entirely malaria-free.  Please visit our ‘Precautions’ page for more information.


Q. Say I want to bring my own firearm? How should I go about this?

A.  Henry from Rifle Permits will assist you.


Q. Can I pay with a check?

A. Unfortunately, we do not accept travellers’ or personal checks as payment or gratuity.


Q. Can I drive here?

A. All of your transport will be handled by our experience drivers.


Q. What is the best time to hunt?

​A. Any time is a good time to hunt in South Africa!

Q. Can I have my trophies packed with my friend’s?

​A. Unfortunately, no, this is not only a violation of our policy, it is also illegal.

Q. Will my leftover balance be carried over as credit?

​A. Unfortunately, no, we do not offer credit on animals not harvested or days not used.

Q. Can I bring a non-hunting guest?

​A. Of course, the more the merrier! Please click here for guest rates.

Q. What should I bring?

​A. Please see our packing list.



Q. What countries might we visit in Africa?

A. We offer hunts in several African countries besides South Africa.  

Q. Are meals provided? What meals?

​A. We'll provide all of your meals at no extra cost to you.

Q. Where in South Africa?

​A. We hunt in several provinces within the beautiful Republic of South Africa.

Q. Do I need to inform my bank or credit provider prior to my departure that I will be traveling to South Africa?

​A. Yes, this is very important.  

Q. Will you pick us up from the airport?

​A. Of course! We'll have a Numzaan Safaris representative waiting for you when your flight arrives.

Q. Can I hunt with a bow?

​A. Yes, but there is a 10-day minimum for bow hunting.

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