Numzaan Safaris

Meet the Team

Stef Swanepoel

Founder of Numzaan Safaris, Outfitter & PH

Stef is the owner and founder of Numzaan Safaris.  He is married to Lenette, and they have three sons, Jaco, Hano, and AJ.  Stef has been hunting professionally for over 25 years, and has devoted himself to the company for more than 20 years.  Stef is also actively marketing in the United States. 

+27 (82) 854 1280 (SA) 

+1 (706) 358-9605 (US)

Lenette Swanepoel

General Manager (Minister of Finance)

Lenette is married to Stef.  She is in charge of all the office work, contact with the clients, and payments.  Lenette is very involved in all aspects of the company, as well as a dedicated wife and mother.

+27 (82) 498 7061

Numzaan Associates

Johann Combrink

PH & Associate

Johann is a Numzaan Safaris associate.  He is married to Vanessa, and they have 2 sons, Noah and River, and a daughter Anouk.  Johann has been hunting with Numzaan Safaris for more than 18 years, and is also actively marketing in the United States.

+27 82 329 2110 (SA)

(404) 606-1056 (US)

Jean-Louis Vijoen

PH & Associate

Jean-Louis is an associate of Numzaan Safaris. He is married to Jana, and has three children, Joe, Jeanmari, and Jaques-Louis. Jean-Louis has been hunting with Numzaan Safaris for more than 17 years, and is also actively marketing in the United States.

+27 83 276 4613 (SA)

(208) 971-1219 (US)

Mike Watridge

PH & Associate

Mike is an associate of Numzaan Safaris. He is married to Marselle. Mike has been hunting professionally for 16 years and has been hunting with Numzaan Safaris on a permanent basis for five years, successfully leading clients on numerous plains and dangerous game hunts. He is also actively marketing in the United States.

+27 83 283 7073 (SA)

(716) 867-5475 (US)

Jaco Swanepoel

PH & Associate

Jaco is an Associate and PH. He is married to Mckayla. Jaco has been hunting all his life. As a small boy, he went hunting with his father, Stef, and always knew he would become a professional hunter. He is also actively marketing in the United States.

(830) 333-2502 (US)

Walter Smit

PH & Associate

Walter is a Professional Hunter as well as an Associate for Numzaan Safaris. Walter has been hunting with Numzaan Safaris for more than 5 years, and is also actively marketing in the United States.

+27 76 263 9784 (SA)

Will Fawcett


Will has been a part of Numzaan Safaris for more than 10 years. Since that time, he has completed all the national requirements and exams to be a licensed professional hunter. Will has accompanied numerous hunters on plains game and dangerous game safaris in South Africa, and in addition to representing Numzaan Safaris in the United States, he also works in Texas as a professional hunting guide.

(512) 694-1002 (US)

Our Dynamic Office Team

Zinia Fenske

Client Liaison | Client Accounts | Farm Accounts | Trophy Manager

Zinia is our client liaison, working close with our clients. She is in charge of our client accounts and also handles the quotations and manages all matters relating to the export of trophies.

+27 63 240 6873

Juané Olivier

Accounting | Payroll | Website Administration | Social Media | Marketing Materials

Juané handles our finances and website editing as well as the Numzaan Safaris newsletter. She also handles all marketing materials. She is married to Stephan.

+27 79 696 9519

Stefni Smith

Safari Quotes | Rifles & Ammunition | Permits

Stefni handles our farm accounts & all issues regarding Numzaan Safaris’ rifles & ammunition and permits.

+27 79 696 9519

Emmerentia Schutte

Numzaan Venison - Debtors & Creditors

Emmerentia works at Numzaan Venison – our very own Meat Processing Plant

+27 82 657 3595

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Ed & Linda Stevens

New York Representative

Henry & Diane van Corbach

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Jeff Frost

Idaho Representative

Joe Rossi

US Representative

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Jim Wilson

Idaho Hunting Consultant

Jay Hunt

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Saskatoon Representative

Chris Goch

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US Representative

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Tommy Iannarelli

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Jack Laws

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