Numzaan Safaris


Anthony Brown Michigan 2022

Everything was amazing.  We would definitely recommend Numzaan to anyone looking for an African Experience.

Joel Johnson Texas 2022

Keep doing what you are doing!  This was my fifth hunt with Numzaan Safaris, so I would say it is very evident that Stef, Lenette, and the whole Numzaan team know exactly what they are doing and are doing so brilliantly!  While not listed because the form only allowed one entry on Province and Camp, but I also hunted in the Northern Cape at Jules of the Karoo (with Naude and Daniel) and had an absolutely great hunt there as well!  I hope to be returning to Africa to hunt with Numzaan for as many years as I am able!

Nick Carter Pennsylvania 2022

Numzaan Safari set a new standard for a full service trip.  I would highly recommend them to anyone that is considering a safari hunt.  It is would be hard to improve on a top notch service they provided.  I do enjoy being able to continue working with Numzaan for the taxidermy work versus having to work with someone else.  

Darrell Simpson Texas 2016

My son and I completed a 11 day safari with Numzaan this past June 2016.  All of the staff at Numzaan are excellent a what they do. From the office staff, to the Ranch staff to all of the PH’s, everyone looks after all of the hunters and every detail. Numzaan is an excellent outfitter that you can trust to be fair and treat you right!  Animal quality is very, very good.  Our PH worked very hard to make sure that we hunted and took “proper” trophy quality animals! I highly recommend Numzaan!

Eric Jones SCI Pathfinder - 2015

Stef and Lenette Swanepoel donated the African safari that I won through the SCI Pathfinder program, and I can honestly say those were the best 10 days of my life!  Danie, my PH, took me and my 2 friends on an unbeatable adventure. I successfully hunted 11 animals, and all of them were beautiful trophies.  The hunting is challenging, the game is plentiful, the food was unbelievable, the scenery was gorgeous, the accommodations were very comfortable, and the friendships we made were everlasting.  Can’t wait to go back!

Jeff & Becky McHugh Minnesota

On our first Numzaan safari 2 years ago we had a really great time! We brought home a monster kudu along with other trophy animals and many memories and pictures of a special time in South Africa. For this years trip back we were hoping for at least an equal experience. What we got was an even better safari! This year we stayed at the Nyala camp and it provided a beautiful landscape with scenic views all around. We really enjoyed the individual cabins built from the rocks that surrounded that area. Meals were all exceptional, and we just can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed eating the different types of game along with some traditional South African dishes. We came with a wish list of animals we were hoping to take and we were able to do so. Again, we took some major trophies with our eland and waterbuck leading the way. The whole staff at Numzaan are always friendly and helpful making the experience that much more enjoyable ! A very special thanks to Johann Combrink, our PH and friend, for showing us a most memorable safari and treating us so well. It means a lot that you did everything you could to make sure we had a trip of a lifetime !!