Planning your Safari...

We’ll help you take care of everything you need before you depart so that you’re fully prepared for your African Safari!!!



  • Decide on a date for your safari and contact Anneke for availability. Please inform us as to whether you will be using a rifle or bow. This will allow us to help you make a more informed decision regarding the dates of your adventure.


  • Ensure your passport is valid at least 6 months after your expected return date




  • Pre-order your Men's style Numzaan Safaris shirt (US/ $45) from Zinia.  Your shirt will be embroidered with the Numzaan Safaris logo as well as your name.


  • If you will not be renting rifles from us, contact Henry of Rifle Permits to help with your temporary importation paperwork and rifle permit application.



Please view our Terms and Conditions

  1. Complete the online indemnity form and outfitter questionnaire or submit these to Isabelle along with a copy of your valid passport.  

  2. Confirm your hunting dates with Anneke (minimum US/ $1000 deposit required)

  3. Book your flights, we suggest, Steve Turner of Travel with Guns, if you don't have your own Travel agent

  4. Share your entire flight itinerary, including connecting flights, with Anneke

  5. Contact Henry of  Rifle Permits (if you intend to bring your own rifle)

  6. Fill out SAPS form 520 and the motivation letter, and download the invitation letter (if you intend to bring your own rifle)   

  7. Acquire CBP form 4457 from your nearest US Customs and Border Protection office (if you intend to bring your own rifle)

  8. Contact Zinia to order your Men's Style Numzaan Safaris shirt (US/ $45 per shirt)

  9. View our Packing List and  Precautions page

  10. Be sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions

  11. Prepare for the trip of a lifetime!

If you need help arranging your safari, or would like additional information, feel free to contact any of our US representatives listed below:

Michael or Lisa Blach

(208) 463-1256

Idaho/ Arkansas/ Missouri/ Oklahoma


Tommy Iannarelli

(610) 420-2030

East Coast

Eric or Niki Smith

(814) 592-8648



Richard Wacker

(920) 296-4223


Ed Stevens

(585) 342-9168

New York


Steve Spiel


DuWaune Schuler

(231) 928 0089


Mark Crisp

(404) 395-1255


John Campbell

(425) 870-5269

Washington / Oregon / Montana


Chris Goch

(724) 845-1644

North Eastern/Mid Atlantic


Jeff Frost

Idaho - Southern

Joe Rossi

(412) 352-8703


Martin Now

(541) 219-1066


Keith Hamilton

(306) 461 8212

Saskatoon - Canada


Jack Laws

Louisiana/ Gulf Coast


Javier Ayala

1 999 969-8754

Mexico Representative


Michael Walker

(956) 802-7825


Jim Wilson

(208) 353 0964


Konrad Kraklio

(563) 370 4101


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