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Darrell Simpson - Cedar Hill, Texas


My son and I completed a 11 day safari with Numzaan this past June 2016. Our PH was Juan Malan. All of the staff at Numzaan are excellent a what they do. From the office staff, to the Ranch staff to all of the PH's, everyone looks after all of the hunters and every detail. Numzaan is an excellent outfitter that you can trust to be fair and treat you right! Animal quality is very, very good. Juan worked very hard to make sure that we hunted and took "proper" trophy quality animals! I highly recommend Numzaan!

Eric Jones

SCI Pathfinder - 2015


Stef and Lenette Swanepoel donated the African safari that I won through the SCI Pathfinder program, and I can honestly say those were the best 10 days of my life! Danie, my PH, took me and my 2 friends on an unbeatable adventure. I successfully hunted 11 animals, and all of them were beautiful trophies. The hunting is challenging, the game is plentiful, the food was unbelievable, the scenery was gorgeous, the accommodations were very comfortable, and the friendships we made were everlasting. Can't wait to go back!

Jeff and Becky McHugh - Minnesota USA

On our first Numzaan safari 2 years ago we had a really great time!  We brought home a monster kudu along with other trophy animals and many memories and pictures of a special time in South Africa.

For this years trip back we were hoping for at least an equal experience.  What we got was an even better safari!  This year we stayed at the Nyala camp and it provided a beautiful landscape with scenic views all around.  We really enjoyed the individual cabins built from the rocks that surrounded that area.  Meals were all exceptional, and we just can't say enough about how much we enjoyed eating the different types of game along with some traditional South African dishes.  We came with a wish list of animals we were hoping to take and we were able to do so.  Again, we took some major trophies with our eland and waterbuck leading the way.

The whole staff at Numzaan are always friendly and helpful making the experience that much more enjoyable !  A very special thanks to Johann Combrink, our PH and friend, for showing us a most memorable safari and treating us so well.  It means a lot that you did everything you could to make sure we had a trip of a lifetime !! 

Forrest Barnard - Utah, USA

July 2014


Our dream trip to hunt in Africa finally came true and what an incredible experience it was! We booked our hunt about 8 months before our safari was to take place and the team at Numzaan Safaris was first class through and through. They help us from booking the hunt to arranging our rifles and travel plans. We elected to use Annelise DuBose of Areva Travel Consultants (whom Numzaan recommended) for our travel and I would highly recommend her. She was very helpful and worked hand in hand with Numzaan Safaris on our travel arrangements and made the entire process very simple and easy.

Upon arriving we were met at the airport by our Ph's and their staff and were off for our adventure. The entire trip was incredible, from the time we arrived in South Africa until the day we left, it was absolutely amazing! We stayed in the Kamboo Lodge with Jean-Louis and his staff, and it was first class. The lodge itself is very beautiful and has all the amenities you would hope for in a first class resort. Also don't plan on loosing any weight while staying at kamboo, the food is delightful and everyone was very excited to get to try many of the game meats that we were pursuing on our trip.

The hunting was obviously our main reason to visit, and just like everything else, it was second to none. The amount of animals we saw was astonishing. Around every corner brought more excitement and new animals. Our group was able to harvest all of the animals on their list and then some! The hunting was absolutely everything we wanted, and we all have our new lists of animals for our next trip!

On this trip I was able to bring my mother and grandfather along. I will tell you I was nervous due to the fact my grandfather is very old and Africa is a long ways from home, but Numzaan took amazing care of all of us, and I felt extremely safe and very well taken care of the entire time. I plan to bring my wife and children with me on my next safari with Numzaan.

I cannot say enough about how incredible our trip was and how excited I am to go back and stay with Numzaan Safaris again!


Thanks for the trip of a life time!

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Dub Day - San Antonio TX



I have been intending to write you since we returned from our safari on 10 October.

I wanted to thank you, Stef and the whole staff of Numzaan Safaris for the outstanding time we had during our hunt from 2 October to 8 October.

The serice and expertise that was provided by you and all of the Numzaan Staff exceeded all of our expectations.

Patrick, Omar and I are trying to figure out a way to go on another hunt in Africa.

Again, Thanks for the Great Time we had.  Feel free to use any of us for references and I hope to see you when you isit San Antonio.





D.E. Day

SgtMaj (USMC Ret)


Patrick A Watson

A review of Leadwood Lodge

I would begin by saying that Leadwood is probably the most unsung but wonderful lodge that Numzaan has 

to offer.  The accomodations are nothing short of Five Star, the beds are soft and supple, all the rooms are 

air conditioned, the showers are HOT and the towelsare soft.  

If by chance you tag out early, (wich is not hard) the upstairs balcony is a wonderful place to see game an just relax.  If you want to read you will find the coo of the doves most relaxing as they feed nest to the waterhole.

The dogs owned by the Lodge  staff are also always ready for a game of fetch.

As for the staff, Pieter and Phyllis are the most splendid people you will ever meet.  Phyllis is a wonderful cook and most gracious hostess.  Pieter has a jovial and generaly fun sense of humor and if he sees an oppertunity for a fun joke he is more than willing to execute it!  I would say to any person from the Mid-West and Southern United States, "If you enjoy home cooking and down home hospitality then Leadwood Lodgeis the place for you."  

Lastly, Juan our PH is great, if you are on a budget and he knows it, he knows how to make the trips last longerwith as much excitement as the first day, Histracker/skinner Sias is equally as professional.

Any personf who is fortunate enough to have Juan on their first Safari is blessed beyound measure.

When I come back, and I WILL come back, I am staying at Leadwood, and Juan will be my PH.

James Family-2016

Walter was the absolute BEST Professional Hunter we could have hunted with. If I could rate him ten on this 1-5 scale, I would. He was spot on with my husband who is an experienced Hunter. He was patient with me, proficient with firearms but had never hunted before, not to mention I am a klutz so that provided comedy for us all. The best part was he was flipping (click) BRILLIANT with our 13 year old daughter who was reluctant to shoot a larger caliber weapon. She harvested her first Wildebeest. Hunting in Africa was an educational and empowering experience for us and I feel unendingly privileged to have experienced this and so grateful to have had Walter as our guide. This is a once in a lifetime experience that one quickly resolves to do again and again. 
June 2016
Doug - impala, gemsbok, bushbuck
Evi - wildebeest, warthog, white blesbuck 
Ina (13 YOA) WILLABEAST!!!! 

Heather Perry

Stef, Lenette and the Staff at Numzaan Safaris

It all started January 2015 at the FNAWS Ladies Luncheon when a friend turned to me and asked if I would go hunting in South Africa if she bid in the auction.  Before I knew it, 5 gals were headed to South Africa to hunt with Jaco and Numzaan Safaris.  April 2016 we arrived in Johannesburg, SA, where we were swept through customs and greeted by the smiling faces of Jaco, Waynand and Pierre. It was that moment that our trip became a reality. The next 10 days proved to be an amazing adventure. We were graciously welcomed into the Leadwood Lodge. Phyllis filled our bellies with delicious cuisine. Every magnificent dinner was accompanied by a delightful dessert.  There was not a meal Phyllis and her staff prepared that I did not thoroughly enjoy. The bacon wrapped cherries are my new favorite. I can only attempt to replicate the grilled cheese, onion, and tomato sandwiches, but I am certain they will not taste as I remember them. Pieter made us feel right at home and always made sure we had everything we could possibly need.  His heart is grand and smile contagious.

Jaco and Waynand went above and beyond to assure that we all got the opportunity to harvest our desired animals.  We were presented with a variety of species. Their professionalism, patience and laid back demeanor made for a relaxing and comfortable hunting experience. I believe they have passion for what they do and truly aim to please. I am thrilled to have taken home a Kudu, Nyala, Gemsbok and Impala. What a dream come true. The trackers and skinners, Sias and Shorty are incredibly skill full and hardworking. Their tracking skills were outstanding when our shooting skills were not! 


Each day brought a new surprise.  Taking a break from hunting, Jaco & Waynand took us to a fantastic spa were we spent hours getting pampered.  Another outing we enjoyed champagne at a picturesque spot in Marakele Park. The view was amazing and the laughing was plentiful.  My personal favorite was the surprise “dinner out.” Jaco lead us through the bush after  finishing an afternoon hunt only to come around the corner to find a crackling fire, a beautiful spread of food and wine, twinkling lights, and the African sunset in the background. As we dined fireside the sun slipped away and the stars blanketed the sky.  We were joined by Danie, Morne, and Will who all worked so hard to make that evening happen.  Phyllis once again outdid herself.  A truly special evening.  

From the early stages of planning the trip to the very end proved to be a smooth process.  Anneke and Isabelle were always accessible and questions were answered promptly.  Each and every one worked  together to make our experience  the best it could  possibly be.  Our wine glasses were never empty, the laughs were plentiful and the hunting met my every expectation. I have tremendous respect for Jaco and Waynand for their compassion and drive to provide such a unique venue to promote hunting for women.  I cannot thank everyone enough for all their efforts, hard work and caring. What a fantastic group of people and an experience of a lifetime.

Sincerely,  Heather  Perry

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